Our company specializes in dry cleaning clothes and home textiles, carpets and upholstered furniture. We use the latest equipment and modern technology, work with effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Experienced professionals determine the appropriate cleaning method, taking into account the type of contamination, material and product specifics.

Dry Cleaning

  • After professional dry cleaning, clothes, textiles and home furnishings look clean and fresh again, have no smell of chemicals.
  • We guarantee excellent quality of services and form the optimal prices for all types of cleaning. Please note that the price is inclusive of ironing and packing.
  • Things will be taken to dry cleaning and delivered by our employees in clean condition. You do not need to waste time on this!

For dry cleaning, we use special products that effectively eliminate pollution of various origins, but do not damage the fabric fibers.

Another type of processing of textile and fur products is becoming more popular - dry cleaning using a silicone solvent. Eco-friendly, safe for human health, not aggressive towards tissue fibers - this is a new word in dry cleaning technology.

With it, we effectively clean delicate fabrics, expensive fur products, things consisting of combinations of different materials: textiles, leather, suede, fur trimmed with metal, rhinestone and other decor. This cleaning technology allows you to quickly give clothes and textiles perfect cleanliness and impeccable appearance.

The applied dry cleaning methods are aimed at thorough processing of fabric fibers of various nature. The result is a complete elimination of pollution and unpleasant odors.


The latest technology in the field of professional chemical processing of clothing and textiles - aqua. Thanks to the use of special water-soluble reagents, it is possible to achieve high quality cleaning with minimal mechanical impact. Highly effective processing at minimum temperature (35ºC) possible.

Modern equipment with intelligent control allows you to select the optimal cleaning programs for delicate products. The necessary parameters are selected taking into account the characteristics of the fabric: the intensity of rotation of the drum and the spin, the dosage of special additives. This allows you to:

  • to clean tissues, avoiding creases;
  • eliminate complex stains from rust, protein and tannin substances;
  • gently clean clothes containing polymer fibers. Conventional washing machines provoke rapid wear and destruction of these components.
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